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Bumper Tube

$52 per person. You are on your tummy, your face just inches from the water and the wake of a jet ski. Sound wet enough?  Don’t let go!

Bumper Tube: Want Wetter? Try Submerging!

You Didn’t Come to Hawai`i to Stay Dry

You are on your tummy, your face just inches from the water and the wake of a jet ski. Sound wet enough? Whether you are in Maunalua Bay or the Hawai‘i Kai Lagoon, our advice is simple: don’t let go! The result will be momentary, total immersion. In Hawaiian waters!

This Can Be a Family Experience

Lot of kids challenge their elders to join in. This is one of the reasons we want even would-be observers to wear a bathing suit.

Want Something Slightly Dryer?

Banana Boats are a bit more tame. You get to stay in a seated position, assuming you master hanging on! Everyone wears a life vest.

Plaything Playtimes and Check-In

  • Bumper Tubing is available daily
  • Your check-in takes place in our Hawai‘i Kai Shopping Center headquarters
  • Free roundtrip transportation, with pick up from Waikiki hotels (upon availability)
  • Ride is 10-15 minutes

Other Bumper Tube Experience Details

  • Observers are welcome on our LaunchCraft for a fee, Monday through Friday. If space is available, they can upgrade to Bumper Tubing
  • Children five and younger can be observers without charge
  • Other “plaything” activities get underway from the same floating activities island, Monday through Friday. Plan on staying for other activities. Crewmembers on the LaunchCraft can help you with on-the-spot additions to your list of playtime fun, including the discounts that apply.
  • GoPro Digital photos and video images are available on virtually all activities where weather and technology cooperate; we are the only company that operates this level of digital media service
  • There are additional photo opportunities of the lovely Hawai‘i Kai coastline, Koko Crater, Koko Head and the Ko’olau Mountain Range. So also bring your own camera (at your own risk)! Be sure it is waterproof or has a watertight housing to keep it dry on the water. (GoPro waterproof cameras are available for sale in the H2O Sports lobby)
  • Guests should wear swimsuits as they will get wet
  • Bring sunblock and a towel (or purchase these items in the H2O Sports lobby)
  • Bring spending money or a credit card; you may want to purchase pictures, T-shirts, soft drinks, snacks, etc.


  • Young children are discouraged on the LaunchCraft on rough and/or windy days
  • Women who are pregnant cannot participate, but are welcome as paid LaunchCraft observers

For Reservations

  • Phone (808) 396-0100
  • Fax (808) 395-0199

H20 Sports

Hawai‘i Kai Shopping Center
377 Keahole Street, #E-103
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96825

Specifications above apply to H2O Sports only.
Competitors’ policies and practices vary widely.