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Banana Boat Hawaii

Or, call (808) 396-0100.

Mount Up, Hang On, Get Wet!

Banana Boats Cause Smiling

We believe this to be absolute scientific fact, though we can’t exactly prove it.  Let’s just say that no one at H2O Sports can recall anyone ever frowning while getting drenched on a Banana Boat ride.  Is it even legal to have so many laughs?  It sure is in Hawai’i!

Youngsters, Oldsters and Everyone in the Middle

There are two basic requirements: the ability to stay seated and hang on.  Everyone wears a life vest.  The water is shallow and quite damp.

An Even Wetter Experience

If the Banana Boat experience seems too tame, try the bumper tube!  There’s a giggling picture and a description on the “More Fun” page.

Plaything Playtimes and Check-In

  • Banana Boating is available Monday through Friday.
  • Your check-in takes place in our Hawai’i Kai Shopping Center headquarters
  • Free roundtrip transportation with pick up from Waikiki hotels (upon availability)
  • Approximate on-site schedule after check-in:
    20 Minutes – safety video and ocean transit to the launch point
    45 Minutes – we take up to three people at a time, per tube

Other Banana Boat Experience Details

  • Combine with other activities for Multiple Experience Discounts
  • Observers are welcome on our activities barge, and, if space is available, they can upgrade to Banana Boating or other fun activities
  • Other “plaything” activities get underway from the same in-Bay launch platform where Banana Boats launch, so plan on staying for jet skiing, bumper boat rides or even the H2O JetPack.  You might just want to catch some rays.

For Reservations

  • phone (808) 396-0100
  • fax (808) 395-0199