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Jetpacking for Kids

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H2O Sports Introduces Tandem JetPack Flight for Keiki 5-15

The Most Thrilling Thing They Will Do in Hawaii

Imagine walking into your school as a kid for “show and tell,” with high-def video and still shots of you flying over the Pacific with an awesome backdrop of Hawaii. It would be the next best thing to putting on the Ironman suit and taking off! Picture spinning like a helicopter, doing donut turns, pretending to walk on water, and actually shooting into the air! How cool would that stuff be?!

H2O Sports Introduces Tandem JetPack Flight for Keiki 5-15

The kids strap in with an H2O JetPack Certified Flight Instructor. These are people who can demonstrate the capabilities of the technology with amazing skill and introduce your keiki to this thrilling sport in a safe way.

The Young Co-Pilots Must Weigh 35-100 Pounds and Smile for the Cameras!

State-of-the art GoPro high definition video and stills capture every moment of the 10 minute flight, which tops out at about 20 feet of altitude.

Kids Learn the Fundamentals of JetPack Flight and Briefly “Take the Controls” with Instructor Assistance

Nothing compares with this. After the flight, the young pilot can immediately see the video and still footage of the experience in our media center.

Check-In Info

  • The H2O Tandem JetPack for Kids is offered Monday – Friday (except holidays)
  • Check-in and training takes place in our Hawaii Kai Shopping Center headquarters
  • Round-trip transportation, with pick-up from Waikiki hotels (upon availability)

Other H2O Tandem JetPack Flight Experience Details

  • An unmatched experience of personal flight and sheer exhilaration for children
  • No language skills required. The young co-pilot doesn’t have to speak English!
  • High-def photos and GoPro digital video images are available on virtually all H2O JetPack flights, assuming weather and technology cooperate. There are additional still and video opportunities from the deck of our LaunchCraft (a floating activities island).
  • Paid observers, as indicated, are welcome on the floating activities island.
  • Other activities also get underway from our floating activities island which is full of toys.
  • Young people can learn to solo on the JetPack beginning at 15 years of age (with parental approval).

Tandem JetPack Restrictions

  • 5 – 15 years of age. The signed approval of a parent or responsible adult guardian is required. The child must be accompanied by this person.
  • Participant weight between 35 and 100 pounds. (Petite people over 15 are welcome.)
  • Young people can learn to solo on the JetPack beginning at 15 years of age (with parental approval). Weight is restricted to 85-315 pounds.